Fantastic Menagerie Tarot Book

A bluebird remembers the military man she loved, a fox elopes with a silly chicken, and a mouse sets up house in a large cheese—refusing to share a crumb of it with his fellow mice.

The book includes:

The life and times of JJ Grandville
Card descriptions and interpretations
Keywords and phrases to get you started quickly
Stories and 'word portraits' for each card
How to use the tarot—including original spreads
Number symbolism and the tarot
Riotous sample readings from Paula Goodman Wilder
A wealth of Grandville illustrations.

Read an extract from the book here (pop up window)


Sophie Nusslé is a former field aid worker and has carried her stories and tarot cards around the world to many countries, real and imaginary. She is a lifelong lover of French 19th Century art and literature and grew up on Grandville’s illustrations of Les Fables de La Fontaine and Gulliver's Travels - which might have inspired her own life. She now lives in Geneva and divides her time between AIDS work, writing and tarot.